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Why Finance

Person Doing PaperworkAdvantages of Financing

Improved Cash Flow.
Financing allows for more affordable monthly payments that increase cash flow.

Preserve Lines Of Credit.
Financing does not affect bank lines of credit so they are preserved for future business needs.

Hedge Against Inflation.
Low, fixed rate equipment pricing protects against inflation.

Maintain Latest Equipment Models.
Short-term contracts ensure equipment, such as computers, do not become quickly obsolete.

Tax Advantages

Businesses may be able to deduct the full cost of their equipment from taxable income by just entering into a financing contract or loan for new or used equipment. The Tax Law that allows this deduction is called the IRS179. Current Deduction is $1,000,000.
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Operating Leases
Customers who choose an operating lease structure can generally fully deduct their monthly payments. This is because in most cases they are not the owners of the equipment and they will be making “rental payments” for the term of the lease.

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