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Top 10 Reasons to Finance

Improved cash flow
Financing allows for more affordable monthly payments that increase cash flow. Payments can also be scheduled to coincide with a company’s seasonal cash flow.

Preserve lines of credit
Financing does not affect bank lines of credit so they are preserved for future business needs.

Avoid risk of usage or technology obsolescence
Your use of equipment may evolve beyond the equipment’s capabilities. Financing can protect you by allowing upgrades and equipment add-ons.

Conserve operating capital
Financing frees up working capital for higher yield investments or other business expenses.

Fixed payments
Understanding your monthly payments improve a company’s ability to budget and forecast. Other bank lines are floating and can rise leaving you paying more than expected. Financing allows confidence in your capital.

Choice of equipment
Finance the equipment you need and all the normal manufacturers’ warranties are passed through to you. Additional warranties can also be considered as part of the financing package.

Inflation protection
Low fixed pricing protects against inflation and allows current acquisition with tomorrow’s dollars.

Acquire more equipment
Financing makes equipment more affordable. Your monthly financing payment is a small portion of the total cost of the equipment allowing a greater amount of equipment to be purchased.

End-of-lease options allow your company to purchase, upgrade, or return the equipment. Ask about our Fair Market Value Leasing option.

Tax advantages
The IRS 179 allows businesses to deduct the full cost of equipment from taxable income by entering into a financing contract or loan. The Operating Lease allows the deduction of lease payments as a business expense.

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