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This Proposal is a general, non-binding expression of interest on the part of Star Capital Finance Program — facilitated by Captive Capital. This proposal is not to be construed as constituting tax or financial advice to any party. THIS PROPOSAL DOES NOT CREATE A LEGALLY BINDING COMMITMENT OR OBLIGATION ON THE PART OF STAR CAPITAL FINANCE PROGRAM — FACILITATED BY CAPTIVE CAPITAL, STAR CAPITAL, OR CAPTIVE CAPITAL CORPORATION. The creation of any legally binding commitment or obligation is subject to, among other things, the completion by the funding source of an in-depth credit review, the results of which are deemed satisfactory by the funding source at its sole discretion, and the negotiation, execution and delivery of definitive documents which shall be mutually agreed upon by all parties. IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT NO PARTY HERETO SHALL BE LEGALLY BOUND TO THE OTHER BY REASON OF THIS PROPOSAL, NOR SHALL RIGHTS, LIABILITIES OR OBLIGATIONS ARISE AS A RESULT OF THIS PROPOSAL.