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Where do I begin?

Complete our online Financing Application or download the PDF and fax it to 1-800-994-4942.

What transaction sizes do you finance?

From $5,000 to $1,000,000.

What are your finance rates?

Our rates are based on your credit and the term for which you are financing.

Do you provide financing on titled equipment?


What type of equipment financing do you offer?

$1 Purchase Option Lease
Fair Market Value Lease
Seasonal Lease
Fixed Purchase Option

View our Financing Options page for more details.

Is your financing Section-179 friendly?


Once I apply, how fast is the approval process?

Usually, once the application is received, the process is started within minutes. We begin processing your application as soon as we receive it. The approval process generally takes about 24 hours once we receive all of your information.

Do you work with small businesses?

Absolutely. We finance sole proprietors to companies with hundreds of employees.

How does equipment financing help businesses improve cash management?

Financing frees up capital that would otherwise be tied up in a purchase. At the same time, it makes payments predictable and affordable. For more information on the benefits of leasing, click here!

Who can finance?

Any company, organization or association can finance. At present, we do not finance equipment to individuals for personal use. However, if a sole proprietorship has a business in their name, we can finance equipment for them.

How much do I have to pay up front?

We typically like to have first and last month’s payment, or some type of down payment upfront. However, depending on the customer’s credit, we are flexible on the down payment. The amount will be determined with the approval.