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About Us

Customer ServiceStar Capital provides commercial equipment financing for acquisitions from $5,000 to $1,000,000. Serving as an alternative to banks with stricter requirements, Star Capital supports businesses of all sizes and industries with creative financing solutions that make assets more affordable while reducing cash expenditures. We have experience affording financing strategies to help you acquire all types of vehicles and equipment including industrial, construction, medical, telecommunications, production and technology such as computers.

Customer Service

Our national lending experts offer innovative financial solutions to spur growth, conserve cash flow, purchase/refinance equipment, or restructure debt. Star Capital offers the safest terms, expert advice and promo rates for vendors and end users on all types of commercial equipment.  And we’ll do the paperwork to make the financing as easy as possible. Email or call a Star Capital financial advisor at (800) 994-3415 to discuss financing options to determine the best tactic for your business today and into the future.